The management meeting

by C. Villefrance Moeller, TalesOfLeading

I was sitting in a management meeting with my four piers and our boss. We were going through a status of the services our department was providing. A new services my team was providing was  not hitting the targeted sale. I had a project manager working with the marketing department to promote the service, but so far the customers had not received the service as well as expected. One off my piers Torben then bring forward a rumour about a service from another department, that might address the same customers as our service. The project manager Anna from my team was cooperating with that department on our new service. I had not heard of any conflicting interests and was quite sure that my project manager would have told me if he had known anything about it. My boss got angry: “If this is true, then Anna is not worth her money! You need to tell her that.” He told me.

How will you respond?

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